Offering a wide assortment of professional quality microphones, preamps, and converters for the highest quality acoustic recordings.

Equipment Inventory


Premium microphones from Neumann, Schoeps, Earthworks, AKG, Audix, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Electro-Voice, Countryman, GT Electronics, and RODE


Microphone Preamps:

Premium microphone preamps from Focusrite, Earthworks, and RME



Premium AD concerters form Apogee, RME, Focusrite


DA Converters from Benchmark



Recorders include hard disk recorders from Alesis

CD Recorders from Sony, CD Players from Marantz, Denon and NAD.

Digital Multitrack Recorders (DTRS) from Tascam

DAT Recorders from Sony and Tascam

Cassette Recorders from Tascam

Analog Reel-to-Reel from Otari

Minidisc Recorders from Sony



Studio Monitors:

Studio Monitors from ADAM, Tannoy, NHT


Mixing Consoles:

24 Channel DAW controller from Tascam


Analog Mixing concoles from Soundcraft and Mackie


Digital Mixing concoles from Tascam


Digital Audio Workstation:


ProTools 12, 11, and 10
Sony CD Architect
iZotope RX6

Adobe Audition

Adobe Premiere

Magix Video Pro X
Plug-ins: TC Electronic, iZotope, IK Multimedia, Waves, ProTools, and Sonnox (eq, dynamics, chorus, delay, reverb, pitch correction)


Live Sound Reinforcement
Live sound reinforcement is available for small, medium, and large sized performance venues. Recording services are available for all live sound reinforcement events and specializing in sound design/live sound reinforcement for classical music genres such as orchestral, choral, opera, and classical with electronic components.

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